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The following General Terms and Conditions apply for all contracts concluded between ESTA Registration Service and consumers, business people or self-employed persons registering for ESTA via our website.

Conclusion of the contract
The contract shall come into force as soon as all data required for the registration have been correctly entered and you click on the "Order" button. You will then be sent a confirmation email for your documents. The contract will only NOT come into force in the event of incorrect details being provided or if your credit card is rejected (credit card limit has been exceeded, incorrect card details have been entered, card is blocked).

Service provision
By clicking on the "Order" button, you instruct in its capacity as a professional service provider in the travel industry to submit the ESTA registration to the US immigration authorities on your behalf in order to obtain an entry permit for the USA. In this connection, our innovative technology helps our customers enter the data correctly to avoid errors.

We charge USD 49 per order. This charge includes all resulting costs including the USD 14 fee charged by the US immigration authorities. This flat-rate fee will become due upon placing the order and shall not be reimbursable even in the event of a negative response from the US authorities owing to false statements or a negative decision, resulting in travel authorisation not being issued.

The costs are paid once the data has been entered. If the specified data are incorrect or the credit card functions are limited or unavailable, you will be sent an email informing you that the order could not be completed.

We cannot guarantee that a residence permit will be granted
The service offered here relates exclusively to the transmission of your data and details to the US authorities. However, you are not entitled to an entry permit, since this decision lies entirely and exclusive with the Department of Homeland Security of the United States of America. We will notify you without delay by email of the outcome of the registration.

Limitation of liability
We shall not assume any liability whatsoever for any losses occurring in the course of the ESTA registration. This includes all losses resulting from the delay or refusal of authorisation and the associated consequences, including for example the subsequent cancellation of the trip.

Self-declaration is an independent private service provider without any formal relationship with the US authorities, and does not maintain or arrange official contacts to US embassies. Whether you avail yourself of our visa travel service or apply for your entry permit on the US government website is not our responsibility. is a web-based travel service provider that enables the formalities for obtaining an entry permit on the basis of the Visa Waiver Program for non-US citizens, who are eligible to travel, to be completed via a web-based interface. In order to offer this service to travellers to the USA, we charge a flat-rate administration fee of USD 49, which becomes due when the order is placed.